Master Plan

Master Plan

In September, 2008, the Brandermill Community Association (BCA) took the first steps of a remarkable journey. With citizen, government, and key stakeholder support, the BCA released a ‘Request for Proposals’ for design firms to:

  1. provide a clear, cohesive future vision for Brandermill
  2. enhance the quality of life and value of property for all Brandermill members
  3. involve the community in the vision of Brandermill’s future
  4. anticipate future facility needs
  5. protect the integrity of the Swift Creek Reservoir as a source of drinking water

Brandermill is a community of approximately 3,700 residential properties, 140 commercial properties, 13,000 residents, and is located on 2,444 acres in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Named the “Best Planned Community in America” in 1977, the updated master plan in this document redefines and transforms Brandermill. It results in a community that is more livable, vibrant and exciting for its current residents, while providing a competitive edge among new neighborhoods in Chesterfield County and the Richmond metropolitan area. Brandermill has the potential to once again become the community of choice not only in the Richmond region, but in America. The updated master plan sets the course to reach this goal. There is no reason to believe that Brandermill, once chosen as the “Best Planned Community in America” can’t be a nationally awarded community again. Brandermill is unique; the location is great, infrastructure is in place, and the environment is unparalleled. The lake is beautiful, the golf course enhances the quality of life for all residents even if they aren’t golfers, trails and greenways unite the neighborhoods, and residents have considerable interest in redefining the sense of place unique to Brandermill. With this master plan, the path to success is clear.

The master plan isn’t an end product; it is the beginning. It is a map that helps direct the citizens and leaders to achieve a vision both in the short and long term. Although not everyone will agree with each item in the master plan, virtually everyone has agreed that the process of creating the master plan has been a success. Truly, community involvement and participation was the largest contributing factor to the success of the plan. It will take an equal and even greater effort to implement and achieve the vision set forth in this document.

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Chapter Two ­
Natural Resources
Chapter Three
Community Facilities
Chapter Four
Commercial/Economic Development
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Chapter Six
­ Community Character
  Chapter Seven
Policy and Implementation