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Are you interested in seeing your real estate listing here? Please contact Wendy Parker at or (804) 744-1035..

Show Me Brandermill First features Brandermill homes that are for sale or rent. The Showcase Listing option offers more viewings for your listing and a location link to the Brandermill map. Realtors and Brandermill residents receive a special discount to market Brandermill homes. A family looking for a new home could live in the next neighborhood, next state or across the country. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach them.

Photo slideshows, word descriptions and email links are available options to show homebuyers what they need to know about available housing in Brandermill. The more people know about you and your home, the more traffic will come in your door.

Additional discounts are available to Brandermill Telephone Directory and The Village Mill advertisers and to Brandermill businesses and residents.

If you are interested in submitting a listing for your home, please download the Brandermill Website Advertising Worksheet and submit it to the BCA office.

NOTE: Real Estate listings will be posted within 48 hours of receipt (Monday through Friday). Please send photos in jpeg format. Business logos may be sent as a pdf. Word descriptions may be edited for spelling, clarity or grammar. Information and photos should be emailed to