Swift Creek Water Quality

A message from George B. Hayes, P.E.

Director of Utilities, Chesterfield County

Re: Water Quality from Swift Creek Reservoir

Some individuals that receive water from the Swift Creek Reservoir have noticed a slight musty or earthy taste in their drinking water. The water is safe and this is only an aesthetic concern. This taste is due to algal growth in the Swift Creek Reservoir. As the algae organisms grow and multiply, they excrete small amounts of harmless compounds into the reservoir water that may cause a musty or earthy taste and odor.


The area has been limited mainly to Brandermill, and some areas to the north-east. The Addison-Evans Water Treatment Plant has taken corrective action in their treatment process to address the taste and odor. We actively flushed the system in areas where there have been taste and odor concerns. With the corrective action at the treatment plant, the taste and odor concerns have diminished as the water is flushed throughout the system.


The water is safe to drink and meets all required Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. Natural processes like algal growth can be difficult to predict and we will continue to monitor and adjust our treatment process to address this issue. For customers who are experiencing taste and odor concerns, you may contact the Department of Utilities at 748-1310, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00 pm. For concerns after normal working hours and on the weekends, the department can be reached at 744-1360. Chesterfield County Utilities would like to thank our customers for their patience as we continue to address this issue.