Extension of Powhite Pkwy is in the works

Posted July 11, 2011 at 1:43 PM, Filed Under: Community News, Front Page, Village Mill

By Wendy Parker
Managing Editor

Clover Hill Supervisor Art Warren and VDOT officials recently met with Community Manager Jane Pritz and Brandermill Woods Director Mira Pallotta to discuss plans to expand the Powhite Parkway to four lanes one mile west from Route 288 to Watermill Parkway.

“This is going to help Brandermill,” says Warren, who expects the $10 million expansion to be advantageous to Brandermill residents at the north end of Brandermill, particularly residents of Brandermill Woods where Brandermill Parkway intersects Old Hundred Road.

Pallotta has long been a proponent of installing a traffic light at the busy intersection, and Assistant Director of Chesterfield County Department of Transportation Jim Banks, says, “We’re pushing for a signal.”

Banks says the $4 million Powhite Parkway Project expansion could begin as early as next summer.

County Department of Transportation Engineering Supervisor Stan Newcomb says once funding is approved, work will begin with VDOT, and the design work is expected to be ready sometime in late fall. “The good news is,” he says, “we have the right-of-way to clear trees.”

Approved Projects

As part of the $10 million revenue sharing venture with VDOT, the county has plans to begin work on already approved projects.

• $400,000 - Streetlights and sidewalks at Genito Road, Old Hundred Road and Charter Colony Parkway
• Sidewalks from Clover Hill High School along Genito Road toward Old Hundred Road
• $400,000 – Construction of headwalls and safety improvements of pedestrian tunnels at Genito Road by Swift Creek Elementary School, at North Beach and Harbour Pointe Parkway