Coyotes are seen in Brandermill

Posted June 11, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Filed Under: BCA News, Community News, Front Page, Village Mill

Two residents reported seeing coyotes in Brandermill in the past few weeks. A young coyote was sunning itself on the fairway of hole No. 12 at Brandermill Country Club last week. As golfers approached, the pup scampered away. The previous week, a Fortune’s Ridge resident saw a mature coyote on open space at the edge of her backyard.

Wildlife biologist Todd Engelmeyer of Game and Inland Fisheries confirmed that coyotes are seen in urban areas, but are generally afraid of people. At this time of year, they spend more time during the day in search of food for their young. Their diet consists of small game such as birds, mice and squirrels.

Engelmeyer recommends that residents should not feed their pets outdoors, which may attract wildlife, and to bring pets inside at night.

He says if the coyote population becomes a problem, a trapper could be hired to capture the animals and they would be put down. Another option is to use a noise deterrent such as fireworks “to frighten them and to make a lasting impression.” However, personal fireworks are illegal in Chesterfield County.